Monday, December 2, 2019


That's right!! At least 20 of my works are 
now available as canvas prints at:
Affordable, stretched canvas-- easy to frame! Drop by their site to have a look at the selection!!!

Saturday, October 26, 2019


Yum!!! Yes-- freedom at last. 
A box of 3D glasses are in route to The Brassworks Gallery in Portland, Oregon. The opening of the show will be next Friday, 11/1.  Be the 1st person on your block to see this painting in 3D:

ALSO:  Our new CD is a killer!!! We will be playing parts of it live on the biggest jazz station on the east coast-- jazz 90.1 FM (look them up). We've been asked back to play. To get a copy for yourself:

More news next month-- LOTS of it!!!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

LOTS Happening with Sean Madden Art!!! WHOA!

It is a good time to be in my shoes. October has me stepping into a slew of creative projects and events. SCROLL DOWN to see everything-- this will be a busy year!

1. My paintings, "Satan for President," "Satan's Hot, Burning Cock," and "The Telltale Heart" will be featured at the Brassworks Gallery in Portland, Oregon on 11/1. See the poster below:

This will be an awesome show. It will be the first show that I'll be able to fully exercise my 1st Amendment rights, after having to stifle them for so many years--- which me brings me to my next success:

2. I survived the most horrific, disgusting and potentially soul-crushing act of group ignorance an artist (or anyone else) could endure. I won-- I made it to the end. Now, I'm free to speak. 
Six years ago, I had an ugly tangle with a group of incredibly narrow-minded conservatives in a small town. The name of the town doesn't matter, because no one's ever heard of it. The battle was over my artwork. I won this battle, but it required me to endure a lot of very difficult circumstances. 
 I fully intend to tell this tale in a book that I'm writing called, "FREAK MANIFESTO: SURVIVING THE PITCHFORKS AND TORCHES." I'm gonna tell this tale far and wide in a series of artist talks in this region and beyond. To celebrate, here is "Satan for President," a 3D painting which will be featured at the "Primal City" show in Portland:
3. I'm working on a new series of paintings for a show at the Expo68 Gallery in Williamsville, N.Y. This show will be my attempt to visually portray musical energy as it flows through improvising musicians. As a veteran musical performer myself-- I understand this energy. The show will take place next Spring. This is a beautiful space and an awesome concept for a show-- LOTS of photos will be coming!
4. FINALLY-- the last one... FlashBamPow's NEW CD is available at our website. This is an amazing CD-- filled with hard-driving jamming, insane grooves and studio experiments. Great sex music!!! ORDER YOURS TODAY:

LASTLY-- there will be far more updates here, as I'm now free to begin selling my art and music worldwide once again. Mmmmm-Mmmmm!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

New Beginnings!

Yes, indeed friends and fans! New beginnings!
I've been painting like a wild man this whole year, and I'm getting ready for two big shows in Buffalo this Summer. I'll give a sample of just one of the many pieces below, called "Blue Rush." Soooo many more pieces are coming!

Although I've been minding my own business sitting here in my studio, not bothering anyone, someone was actually stupid enough to call the police about one of my paintings because they were offended. Yes-- you read that sentence correctly; they called the cops because of my artwork. Sadly, I'm used to this.
The police, seeing the issue as totally unimportant and unwarranted, wanted nothing to do with the matter. They were kindly apologetic.

What will my response to this pathetic attempt be?

I retire from my day job in less than 6 months. That's it-- only 6 months. The painting that offended this sad little person will then be published, broadcast, exhibited and sold far and wide. Plus, the story behind this phone call will also be told far and wide.
I will never allow someone else's ignorance to stop me from creating my art. Never.
LOTS more coming. Here's Blue Rush: