Tuesday, March 12, 2019

New Beginnings!

Yes, indeed friends and fans! New beginnings!
I've been painting like a wild man this whole year, and I'm getting ready for two big shows in Buffalo this Summer. I'll give a sample of just one of the many pieces below, called "Blue Rush." Soooo many more pieces are coming!

Although I've been minding my own business sitting here in my studio, not bothering anyone, someone was actually stupid enough to call the police about one of my paintings because they were offended. Yes-- you read that sentence correctly; they called the cops because of my artwork. Sadly, I'm used to this.
The police, seeing the issue as totally unimportant and unwarranted, wanted nothing to do with the matter. They were kindly apologetic.

What will my response to this pathetic attempt be?

I retire from my day job in less than 6 months. That's it-- only 6 months. The painting that offended this sad little person will then be published, broadcast, exhibited and sold far and wide. Plus, the story behind this phone call will also be told far and wide.
I will never allow someone else's ignorance to stop me from creating my art. Never.
LOTS more coming. Here's Blue Rush: